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Spiritual living at its best

A place that’s home to kindness, respect and harmony.

Enveloped by the sheer beauty of the pristine forestscape, our fully furnished accommodations exude positive feels that are tranquil and therapeutic. If not for its modern rustic appeal and the nature-inspired ambiance, then the ease of creating an eco-friendly and sustainable living environment sparks awareness, inspiration and appreciation for simple living.

Both ‘Manjushri’ & ‘Dukkar’ have all the makings of a perfect abode for retreats, suited for both individuals and families to invoke that true sense of belonging within self and the surroundings. Here, the need to escape life and have a quiet moment to contemplate, meditate and rejuvenate the mind, body and being is fully captured in essence and spirit. All the noise, chatter and worries magnified by stress ebbs away as you disconnect to reconnect with self and nature thus healing internally, physically and psychologically through spirituality.


comfortable spaces | large bed chambers | eclectic furnishings

All Fully Equipped

Air-conditioned, Wardrobes, Worktables, Chairs, Tables, Ceiling Fan, Comfortable Beds

All Things Communal

Kitchen, Dining, Living, Library, Laundry Room, Washrooms & Bathrooms

Others Worth Noting

Art Gallery, Installations, Safe Security System, Stable Wi-fi Connection & Ample Parking

In the quietude of

Manjushri Guest House

… a greater solitude beckons the spiritually inclined to aspirants, hermits and guests alike. The stillness of peace that dwells within comes to surface in its serene energetic field. The décor and furnishings appeal to all modern day retreat enthusiasts while the communal living trend is set to carry the hallmarks of Buddhist values; to foster mindfulness, civic consciousness and an awareness of others.

Sitting on a beautiful hill within an enchanting forest landscape, your private space to meditate and contemplate silently awaits.

The co-living trend

at Dukkar Apartments

Named after the celestial Buddhist goddess, Dukkar, our container-converted apartment cabins with communal style facilities instill a sense of togetherness through facility sharing with fellow community members. Currently, it is the operating centre and abode for Kecharian workers, members, and volunteers.

Money well spent, life well lived

Accommodation fees

(per night)

RM 230
  • Double occupancy (+RM50)
  • Additional occupants (+RM50 per head)

(per week)

RM 1,449
  • Double occupancy (+RM315)
  • Additional occupants (+RM315 per head)

Kechara Member
(per night)

RM 138
  • Double occupancy (+RM30)
  • Additional occupants (+RM30 per head)

Kechara Member
(per week)

RM 870
  • Double occupancy (+RM189)
  • Additional occupants (+RM189 per head)

Just so you know …

  • Spiritual Seekers

    Aside from participants, members and volunteers affiliated with KFR’s programmes and activities, the accommodations are available to the general public, individuals and groups seeking to go on a self-meditation retreat/spiritual journey (not guided by us).

  • Spiritual Tribes

    Also welcome are like-minded spiritual tribes as well as health and wellness based associations/groups seeking to hold events, programmes and classes suited to our nature of conduct, spiritual beliefs and practices e.g., yoga, tai chi, detox, meditation, farming & gardening, vegetarian/vegan cooking, arts & crafts, music, dance, and other conscious living activities.

  • Make an Enquiry

    To book a room or to make a special request, do get in touch with us.

    * Please be advised that we reserve the right to reject applications that do not fit with our nature of organisation, vision or code of conduct.