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divine therapy & infinite blessings on the sacred grounds of Tibetan Buddhas & deities.



the hows & whys of living from the inside out. Transform the outer as you meditate on the inner.



to immerse your mind, relax your body & uplift your spirits in Mystical Nature.



in conscious-living activities to empower self & the global community.


Since I was a young child, I wanted to create a place where people come together to live as one with nature, one with the earth. A place for healing, detoxification, contemplation, relaxation, and retreat. An international centre for meditation courses not based on religion but tapping into ourselves and our potential. A place for eco-living modelled on sustainability and growth. This project is Kechara Forest Retreat and it will be a space to inspire the world to do the same in their own communities.

— H.E. Tsem Rinpoche —

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On the outside, we may seem worlds apart, but when you go deep within, we share a silent connection that is of the same essence. We all are on a similar path, to find an illuminating treasure that makes our lives complete. Rediscover a world lived better … compassionately @ Kechara Forest Retreat.