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Find joy in giving to a world so in need of your love.

Donating funds to us contributes to our various current and future initiatives, aimed at creating a positive future for both humanity and the environment. Your donation helps to spread love, compassion and the Buddhist kind of warmth that we instill in everything we do here, and around the world. Why wait when you can help us illuminate the lives of many?

What are the benefits of donating to KFR?

  • You contribute towards a holistic retreat centre for healing the mind, body & spirit
  • You help create a place for learning, personal empowerment & sustainable living
  • You preserve the environment, save animals & create awareness to care for all
  • You give back to the society & advocate a sustainable spiritual lifestyle
  • You shape the next generation, instilling moral values such as kindness, compassion & etc
  • You educate children to adopt positive values, nurture, inspire & teach valuable life skills
  • You create a revolution for conscious communities on a local & global scale
  • Just so you’re aware, there are other immense benefits your contribution can bring

We’re kind in everything we do
No amount is too little when it comes to donations. Contribute any amount you wish, as little as RM10 or as much as RM1,000,000 or choose one of our structured fundraising initiatives. Whatever the amount, a donation to Kechara does not go without a lot of appreciation and a heartfelt thank you.

We make every penny count
Be assured that every single cent that you donate to us goes towards a good cause … a cause that brings peace and harmony to people’s mind, body and spirit.


Choose to empower the life we live today, to better the world we live in tomorrow.

Here’s how you can donate …
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