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Wish there was more to life? VOLUNTEER with us.

Take a break from being a global citizen to become a Kecharian Volunteer in a semi off-grid location where the grass is greener, the sun shines brighter, and people are, well, kinder. Explore your spiritual side while lending a helping hand to build our initiatives; from conscious community programmes to sustainable concepts and rewarding volunteer projects.

Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR) imparts the science of living based on mindfulness and wellness; underlined by the wisdom of Buddhism through activities, programmes, community building, classes and discussions. An enriching and transformative experience awaits you through physical work, community involvement and personal development.

We have a number of flexible volunteering projects that can fit your skill sets and personal interests.

360 support | mentorship | tutoring | administration | coordination | fundraising | sales | facility maintenance | general & office work  | landscaping | farming | animal care | eco and green activities | the list continues


Set against a rural forest amidst a charming town, your mind, body and spirit remain rejuvenated and in a constant flow of peace. Your senses are awakened by sights and sounds of tropical wildlife, accompanied by breathtaking greens, pristine rivers, waterfalls, trees and hills. Embracing the freshness of clean air, plenty of sunshine and cascading rainfall to spectrums of colours (rainbows) is a daily experience on this 35-acre sacred ground presided over by powerful benevolent deities.

With ample resources available to volunteers, feel free to read books, attend classes on Tibetan Buddhism, or learn and participate in the culture, tradition, prayers and rituals that are steeped in eons of history. Mingle with like-minded volunteers, Kecharians or the nearby townspeople who will engage, share, impart, inspire and enlighten you with their fascinating work and life experiences.

You’ll find plenty of things to do, all of which support our quest to transform people to be in a consciously calmer, happier and healthier state. In your free time, you can relax in the many amazing green spots to practise your hobbies and find your own personal sense of peace. Perhaps sign up for sightseeing activities within and outside KFR’s perimeters, experience the glorious outdoors while you take a stroll, hike, meditate, pray, yoga, cycle or camp in KFR’s picturesque landscape surrounded by the mystical forest vibe, or explore laid-back Bentong town.

From the facilities to living spaces, KFR offers functional minimalism by maintaining its eco-rustic and sustainable roots such as cleanliness, healthy meals, recycling, pristine environment, and a quiet night’s sleep. Our volunteers love the in-house vegetarian diet but alternatively, you can head to the many local eateries famous for their delectable local cuisines.

In case the name stirs your curiosity, ‘KECHARA’ in Tibetan describes a pure celestial land, hence much work needs to be done by both Kecharians and Volunteers to translate it into reality. And since Buddhism is all about inclusiveness, our door remains open to volunteers from all walks of life and faiths to do good for the world population, alongside an NGO community that meditates on love, peace, harmony, and equanimity.

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More Questions

To take the off beaten path in your life’s journey can only bring more peace and joy.

  • All are welcome: Age, status and religious affiliation are never a barrier
  • Accommodation & transportation: Arranged by us, cost borne by the volunteer
  • Enriching Nutrition: Vegetarian meals are served for a small token (along with sprinkles of enlightening conversation)
  • Resources: Books, study groups, contemplative discussions, inspiring Dharma talks, meditation, prayers & etc
  • Allowances: We pay you in kind and not monetarily so to speak (we hope you’ll understand that as an NGO we’re, well, financially limited)
  • First, check your intentions, share your particulars and ask your questions
  • Then, we’ll be in touch to arrange a volunteer activity suited to your age, capacity & lifestyle
  • There are only limited slots, enquire early to ensure your spot is reserved
  • Volunteer programmes & sessions are subject to change based on community needs & availability of projects
  • And, should you feel dissuaded by your perceived lack of skills don’t be, as you will receive basic training & culture orientation
  • As much as we’d love to compensate you for your heartfelt efforts, Kechara runs on donations, hence we advise all expenditures to be borne by volunteers (flight tickets to accommodation, food & etc).
  • But as we’re a thoughtful & compassionate lot, you’ll never run out of food, lack assistance or be without company for that matter.
  • Absolutely! Upon the end of your volunteering term, it can be arranged
  • Join the Kecharian Work Community on a contract, freelance, full or part-time basis
  • Do express your interest to our facilitators or peruse our vacancies within Kechara’s various divisions

Conscious. Connected. Empowered.

A life of purpose and meaning is achieved through the experience of helping others.
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