Manjushri mantra during walks

Manjushri mantra during walks

When walking for health reasons or circumambulating holy objects, we can recite lots of mantras and pronounce the mantras with concentration. This will make our daily walks have deeper meaning, benefiting both body and mind.

Try to memorise the long mantra of Manjushri which I have and can give you here. Recite that as much as possible. And daily towards the end of the walk, recite Dorje Shugden’s mantra. So if your walk is one hour for example, then for 50 minutes approximately recite the long Manjushri mantra and for 10 minutes in conclusion recite Dorje Shugden’s mantra.

Here's the long and sacred mantra of Manjushri I present to all my friends and readers. May you be blessed by this supreme being always.
Here’s the long and sacred mantra of Manjushri. May you be blessed by this supreme being always.

The long Manjushri mantra will help your mind penetrate the meaning of dharma, reality, your situation, truths, retain dharma in your mind stream, apply dharma into your life and improve the five types of wisdom that we all need very much. Dorje Shugden’s mantra is to remove obstacles in our daily lives to realise the five types of wisdom within our mind stream. Shugden is good for protection also in all adverse cases.

Salutations to Lord of release, Manjushri. May I and all of us in every life meet you and be close to you and have tremendous faith in you. May your mystical, wrathful, peaceful, male, female, frightening the selfish mind and healing emanations be seen by our naked eye.

Humbly and with regards,
Tsem Rinpoche


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