Spirituality & Pets

Spirituality & Pets

Are you an animal lover or paw-rent? If you are, you’re probably doing your best to care for your furkids, protect them from harm, and provide them with a happy life. But beyond physical health and mental stimulation, did you know you can also provide spiritual wellness for your furriend?

Love your pets by planting Dharma in their consciousness. Let them be blessed. Let them be planted with the seeds of meeting the sacred Dharma in another life.
In this way, their time with you will not go to waste. They are with you for a reason. So please put Dharma in their mindstream and give them that type of great love so that when they separate from you, they will be okay due to your compassion.

— Tsem Rinpoche, Founder of Kechara —

Just as your pet’s physical & emotional needs depend on you as their caregiver, so too does their spirituality. Only you can effect a change for the betterment of their future existence.

Our founder, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, believed that the most important thing a loving owner can do for their pets is to infuse their lives with as much spirituality as possible, to prepare for their future lives. This is the deepest type of love, the one that extends beyond this life.

Taking care of your pet can also be the start of your own spiritual journey. All you need is to understand that spiritual practice is about developing kindness and benefiting everyone around you, whether two- or four-legged, and to realise that spiritual practice can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Spiritual Pet Care @ Home

Easy ways to improve your pet’s spiritual wellbeing at home:

  • Recite and blow mantras on your pets, such as Manjushri’s wisdom mantra: OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI
  • Softly play soothing mantra songs where they sleep
  • Place holy images in their space to bless them
  • Take them to circumambulate Buddha statues
  • Add holy water to their drinking bowls
  • Let them wear blessed strings or pet pendants
  • Give them a Dharma name
  • Dedicate a Buddha image to them and make offerings on their behalf

Spiritual Pet Care @ Kechara

At Kechara, we can help you create even more pawsitive conditions for your pets.

  • Prayers for swift recovery & good health. When your pet falls ill or undergoes surgery, a little divine assistance and spiritual support can be helpful. Our Medicine Buddha & Dorje Shugden pujas are very powerful for clearing negative energy and generating positive energy for healing and recovery. Learn more >>
  • Spiritual offerings for positive energy. When time is of the essence, or when your pet needs a spiritual boost, we can make offerings of candles, incense and flowers on their behalf at our holy sites in Kechara Forest Retreat. See all offerings >>
  • Holy items for protection & blessings. Give your pets all that they need to be spiritually connected at all times. We can equip you with everything you need, from blessed pills and holy water to protection strings, sacred pendants and Buddha images. See full range >>
  • Funeral rites for a new & better life. When a beloved pet passes on, you may feel that you could have done more, learnt faster, anticipated better. This is where funeral rites help both you and your dear pet. Pujas disperse the fear, pain, confusion and sadness that both of you might have carried, and replaces them with the energies of love, peace and compassion. Your little one will leave this life on a positive note, and receive blessings and guidance for a higher state of rebirth and liberation. This farewell gesture is one of the most generous, compassionate and loving gifts of all. Learn more >>

To learn more about spiritual care for your pet, enquire about pujas and other services, contact us at:

Mumu’s Memorial

Mumu a.k.a. Yogi was H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s beloved schnauzer companion. While Mumu was alive, Rinpoche recited millions of mantras, dedicated hundreds of pujas, and did everything possible to create tremendous spiritual imprints for Mumu. And when Mumu passed away in March 2017, Rinpoche created Mumu’s Memorial in Kechara Forest Retreat so that Mumu would be forever connected to Buddha Vajrayogini. See Mumu’s story >>