The ALL-NEW Kechara Membership

The ALL-NEW Kechara Membership

Become a Kecharian today to enjoy all these benefits!

  • Free Birthday Puja
  • Free Car Blessing
  • Get instant members discount at Kechara Forest Retreat & VajraSecrets
  • Free stay in Kechara Forest Retreat
  • Earn points and enjoy rewards for being an active Kecharian
  • Pay for services & products with your points for further savings
  • Stay connected with Kechara to get updates on news, events and happenings
  • Exclusive members access
  • Special partner offers

And many more benefits!


Choose the Membership that works for you


It’s easy to become a Kecharian

Can’t come to us?

You can also register as a Kechara member from wherever you are in the world! Just get in touch at:


How It Works

With the Membership App on your mobile, you’ll be able to check your points balance, available rewards, receive news, promotions and more, at any time wherever you are.

Earn & Spend Points

Active membership has its rewards. Whether you’re making an offering at Kechara House, ordering a puja from the puja team, shopping for spiritual items at a VajraSecrets store, attending an event at Kechara Forest Retreat or volunteering for a Kechara project, you’ll be earning points. The more you do, the more points you’ll get in return.

The Membership App helps you earn and redeem points easier. All you have to do is scan the QR code that comes with your virtual membership card. Points are credited and redeemed automatically.

Redeem Vouchers

You’ll receive exclusive vouchers that you can redeem for great freebies such as a Wish-fulfilling Dorje Shugden birthday puja, a free stay at Kechara Forest Retreat, and a complimentary car blessing.

Vouchers will be sent to you via the Membership App and all you have to do is present them at the participating outlet. Redeem your vouchers immediately or save them for a time of your choosing.

Member Discounts

Whenever you stay at Kechara Forest Retreat, sign up for our wellness, meditation or education programmes, shop at any VajraSecrets outlet, you’re entitled to special member discounts. Simply present your virtual membership card (available on the Membership App) to enjoy the benefits.

Partner Promotions

We’re always on the lookout for deals that all Kecharians can benefit from, from relaxing massages to home stays, personal grooming, health foods and pet products. Stay updated on the latest promotions, discounts and offers from our growing network of partners, all via the Membership App.


You’ll be able to view your membership status, points balance, transaction history and update your personal details anytime with the Membership App.

Remote Membership Services

You can now sign up for membership, redeem your vouchers and earn reward points from wherever you are in the world! Just get in touch with us at [email protected], WhatsApp +6012 986 3908 or register online at (for non-Malaysians only).


General Terms & Conditions for Rewards and Redemptions


  1. Collect 1 reward point per RM1 spent on products and services at participating Kechara outlets.
  2. Participating outlets include
    • Kechara House, Sunwaymas
    • Wisdom Hall, Kechara Forest Retreat
    • VajraSecrets retail outlets (Kechara House, Sunwaymas, Kechara Forest Retreat)
    • online store
  3. Collection of reward points is valid for purchases of selected products, offerings and services carried under the Kechara and VajraSecrets brands.
  4. Collection of reward points is not valid for fundraising-related products, services and events, inclusive of sponsorships and/or contributions towards such products, services and events.
  5. Collect reward points for participation in selected activities and for volunteering in Kechara projects. Activities refer to those that have no admission fee and include weekly pujas, Dharma classes and Spiritual Saturday. Member must be in attendance for the full duration of the activity in order to qualify for reward points
    • Regular activities: 50 points
    • Major events and festivals: 100 points
    • Volunteering: 500 points (for indicated activities only)
    • New member referral: 1000 points (via referral code)


  1. 100 reward points is worth RM1.00.
  2. Reward points can be redeemed against the invoiced/billed amount for purchases of selected products, offerings and services under the Kechara and VajraSecrets brands. To redeem, you need a minimum of 500 reward points and thereafter in increments of 100 points.
  3. Reward points cannot be redeemed for fundraising-related products, services and events, including the sponsorship and/or contributions towards such fundraising products, services and events.
  4. Reward points can be redeemed for selected items/services that will be defined in a redemption catalogue.
  5. Reward points cannot be redeemed for cash and are not transferable or exchangeable to other members and/or friends or family.
  6. Reward points do not expire as long as your membership is valid

These terms and conditions are subject to change when necessary to facilitate the membership program. For full terms and conditions, click here.