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Qing Ming 2023

April 2, 2023 @ 10:30 am - 1:00 pm SMT
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Send merits + blessings to your dearly departed

In Chinese culture, Qing Ming is traditionally observed by cleaning the final resting place of our ancestors followed by offerings of food, joss paper and flowers to send them good fortune in the afterlife.

But according to Buddhist wisdom, you can send even more good fortune and blessings to your dearly departed by making prayers & offerings to the Buddhas and dedicating the merits to them for a better afterlife and future lives.

Make Qing Ming 2023 a most meritorious affair with our annual Remembrance Puja at Kechara Forest Retreat. Our sangha and pastors will dedicate prayers & offerings to Medicine Buddha and Dorje Shugden for your dearly departed & loved ones.


Qing Ming Remembrance Puja

  • Sunday, 2 April 2023
  • 10.30 am – 1.00 pm (GMT +8)
  • Kechara Forest Retreat | Livestream


Programme Details

  • 10.30 am Medicine Buddha puja + Dorje Shugden prayers
  • 12.30 pm Offering ceremony


This Qing Ming, dedicate great merits to your dearly departed.


Qing Ming Offerings

Send great merits, blessings and good fortune to your dearly departed with our Qing Ming offering packages. Our sangha and pastors will make prayers and offerings on your behalf, and dedicate the merits according to your wishes.


Caring Package | RM60

  • 1 x Qing Ming Tablet
  • 1 x 1-ft Dragon Incense (set of 3)
  • 1 Day Light Offering


Loving Package | RM120

  • 1 x Qing Ming Tablet
  • 1 x 1-ft Dragon Incense (set of 3)
  • 1 x Flower Offering (stalk)
  • 1 Week Light Offerings


Filial Package | RM198

  • 2 x Qing Ming Tablets
  • 2 x 1-ft Dragon Incense (set of 3)
  • 2 x Flower Offerings (stalk)
  • 1 Month Light Offerings


Remembrance Package | RM399

(SAVE RM121)
  • 5 x Qing Ming Tablets
  • 5 x 1-ft Dragon Incense (set of 3)
  • 5 x Flower Offerings (stalk)
  • 1 Month Light Offerings
  • 1 x Animal Liberation


A La Carte Offerings

  • Candle offering RM10
  • 1-ft incense RM10
  • Flower offering RM10
  • Animal liberation RM30
  • Qing Ming tablet RM30
  • 1-ft dragon incense (set of 3) RM38
  • 2.5-ft dragon incense (set of 3) RM88
  • Brick of Merit From RM150
  • Qing Ming Lama Chopa puja RM288
  • Qing Ming Remembrance Puja offering Any amount


To learn more about our Qing Ming offering service and to pre-order your package, WhatsApp wa.me/60103020999 or visit VajraSecrets.com.


Orders close April 10, 2023 (Mon) 11.59 pm (GMT +8).
Offerings and pujas for orders placed by April 1, 2023 (Sat) 11.59 pm (GMT +8) will be performed on your behalf on April 2, 2023 (Sun).
All other orders will be fulfilled by April 12, 2023 (Wed).
If you’re a Kechara Member or Kechara Friend, you can collect Reward Points for your Qing Ming offerings.


Date: April 2, 2023
Time: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
Address: Lot 3189, Jalan Chamang
Bentong, Pahang 28700 Malaysia

+ Google Map
Phone: 09-221 5600