Light offering to Buddha Manjushri Nagaraksha

Light offering to Buddha Manjushri Nagaraksha

We are truly blessed to be able to make daily offerings to the Buddhas in Kechara Forest Retreat. This is due to the kindness of our exalted Guru, His Eminence the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, who continues to create huge statues for us to collect merits by prostrating, circumambulating and making light offerings.

Light offering is a popular offering with visitors to KFR and one of the sites where we can make light offerings is at Buddha Manjushri Nagaraksha.

Manjushri Nagaraksha is an emanation of Manjushri whose lower body is that of a naga. This form of Manjushri’s unique appearance is a reflection of the benefits of his practice, and how he can assist us. Buddha Nagaraksha is known to purify karma for obscurations, projections, misunderstanding of samsara, realisation of emptiness, diseases and afflictions from nagas. His holy image helps calm and bless the environment and all those abiding there, making the land, water and elements peaceful and healing.

While you are offering lights there, remember to chant OM PHEY LAM HUM while you circumambulate.

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